Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zagtor?

Zagtor is a Romanian registered company powered by ZigZag. We are computer scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs fascinated by the cryptocurrency industry. Our common goal is to develop and spread the world the benefits of cryptocurrency.

How does it work?

Very simple. After we receive your payment, your contract will be added to your account and you can immediately start mining. You will be paid in Monero daily proportionally to the computing power.

Where is your mining farm located?

For the security of our investment and that of everyone that purchase miners from us, we do not publicize the exact location of our mining farms. However, our locations are in Romania.

What coins can I mine?

For the moment we are mining the most profitable coins based on a weekly analysis. You’ll be paid in Monero daily. However the minimum withdrawal is 0.005 XMR

What is my expected return on investment?

We don’t guarantee any specific ROI amount. Altcoin mining depends highly on the prices and difficulties of the coins we mine. We recommend for all of our clients to do a research and do their own profitability calculation. You can take a look at This website is independent source of reference and not related to Zagtor.

Which pools are you using for mining?

We do not publish a list of pools we are using. A good pool is based on: fee structure, reject rate and reliability. We use at least two different pools for the coins we mine. We do this because we preserve the decentralized nature of the crypto networks.

Isn’t buying the hardware cheaper?

You might think that buying a miner or building a rig is slightly cheaper than cloud mining. Please note that there are a few “hidden” costs related to purchasing and maintaining a rig

Electricity: having a rig at home will bring you noise, heat and a significant increase to your electricity bill. Having the hardware at Zagtor you'll never increase your electricity bill.

Maintenance: If your rig breaks you have start all over again. With Zagtor you have a guaranteed uptime of 99%: your units will always mine for you no matter what. No worries because of the hardware.

Affiliated programs: You can share your affiliate code with other people that want to get account with Zagtor. You will get a free upgrade of the purchased amount of the user by 2%.

Simple pricing: The price of the hashpower you choose is fixed and includes all the costs.

How can I pay?

At the moment you can pay with Bitcoin via Netopia.

Can I invest from anywhere in the world?

Definitely yes. Wherever you are you’ll be able to purchase hash power.

What is the maintenance fee?

There is no maintenance fee. All the costs are included in the amount you’ve decided to pay.

How do your contracts work?

When you purchase a mining contract, you buy a share of a GPU to mine a specific coin for a limited period (365 days).

How can I reach you if I have further questions?

We want all of our partners to be pleased with our collaboration. We know it is very important for you to find answers to your questions. Please contact us any time at [email protected] We are looking forward to hear from you.

When do I get my payout?

The payouts are made daily at 4:00 PM (GMT). If you bought a contract before this time the payment will be made in the same day.

How to create Monero Wallet?

Monero comes with at least 2 possibilities to create a wallet that we recommend: Web Wallet: Desktop Wallet Full Monero Client For detailed information check out our blog post How to create a Monero Wallet?