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 2017-03-14 16:17:56

For every miner, the mining calculator is one of the most important tools to take in consideration when she/he decides to build a rig.

The estimated Monero (and every other cryptocurrency) earnings are based on statistical calculation. Usually the calculators you'll find are using the values entered by you (hashrate, power cost, hardware cost, pool fee) and a set of values that are inserted automatically (exchange rate, bitcoin value, difficulty, block reward). You can edit the automatically values, depending which calculator are you using. The auto values are changing constantly, so if you make calculations today for 100 H/s (CryptoNote), after only one week the results are different. Another aspect that is often ignored is the stale/reject/orphan rates and pool's efficiency. When the miner is using a pool, the estimated earnings vary greatly depending on the pool's efficiency.

Calculators you may use:




For this reason, we decided to ease the burden of estimation for our partners. That is why we are not mining only Monero! We are mining the most profitable coin, based on a weekly analysis, but we are paying all of our users in Monero. Also the software we created is converting the CryptoNote hashpower into the coin algorithm’s hashpower we are mining (e.g. 1 H/s CryptoNote = 0.0375 MH/s Ethash). 

At Zagtor you will not pay any pool fees and extra electricity bills and you’ll not experience any downtime of your rigs if the internet or the pool is down. 

Check out our offers here. For any information feel free to contact us.



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