Kids and cryptocurrency


 2017-03-27 13:12:05

The future of money is all about digital currencies. Could cryptocurrencies be a decent method for kids to learn about money and economics?

Think about the Internet. Nowadays kids are using the internet on a daily basis. They adapt easier than an adult who had to learn about it. Same goes with cryptocurrency. Back in the days, kids learned about financial literacy to ensure that they are educated on the best way to manage finances with cash. Because kids and cryptocurrencies are the future, we must secure their financial future by teaching them the basics of cryptocurrency. Considering this, it’s vital for kids to be involved in cryptocurrency now.

Kids are getting bored very quickly if the teaching method is not interactive. The best way for kids is to play video games while they are learning. We managed to gather around some platforms designed for kids.

Minecraft was a huge success and still is. BitQuest took it a little bit further. BitQuest is a Minecraft Server with Bitcoin integration. While playing, the gamer can obtain bits (Satoshi) by killing monsters, trading with gamers or receiving from an exterior Bitcoin Wallet. Your kid is having fun meanwhile he earns bits. It is not a fortune, but it is enough to get started for a better understanding.

Another Minecraft server is PlayMc. These guys developed two different types of games: Archer and Wave Fighter. Even if the kid is playing and earning some satoshis, he is developing some skills, like any other gamer does. An interesting fact is kids that play this game have the possibility to earn satoshis in other ways, such as reporting bugs.

Recently some early adopters even launched a cryptocurrency designed for kids: PiggyCoin. It can be earned by playing educational games. PiggyCoin provides your kid an easy and fun way to learn about cryptocurrencies.

Many ways can be used for kids and for untrained people to understand the technology behind cryptocurrencies. We must integrate our kids into cryptocurrency.


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