Can decentralization become global?


 2016-12-27 10:57:37

The idea of decentralization is gathering more people day by day. Internet users are starting to realize that centralization at this level is toxic, so they believe something has to change.

Some of these believers are developing decentralized applications in order to make decentralization a reality. Some of these believers are early adopters, spreading the ideas and the promises of a decentralized future. So far mass adoption has not occurred. Could be the lack of information and the ineffective communication?

It all can change if the impact of decentralization is communicated efficiently so people understand how can they benefit from it. It’s necessary for people to realize that decentralization has major properties such as information security, independence or innovation. This properties have a meaningful impact on people’s life.

Information security - “Companies spend millions of dollars on firewalls, encryption and secure access devices, and it’s money wasted, because none of these measures address the weakest link in the security chain.” - Kevin Mitnick

Sometimes we read or hear about a “breaking news” title that is related to major data breaches. We know that companies are mismanaging their information. All of these events are influencing our lives in a negative way. We need to stop worrying about getting hacked or about identity theft. All of these worries can stop if we embrace decentralization.

Independence - “People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take.” - Emma Goldman

Each of us wants to be independent in some way or another. It’s a normal desire to feel free from the control of others. For a responsible civilization, we need to know that we can do what we want, whenever we want. We feel powerful if we can have a greater level of control over our destiny. Decentralization can give us this right to feel free and act in a better manner.

Innovation - “If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.” - Peter F. Drucker    

We care about innovation. Progress is the result of innovation. As long as we are innovating in order to grow the global economy, to eliminate hunger and poverty, we are constantly “upgrading” our civilization status. The next quote fits the description:

As long as the world finds out about this incredible properties of decentralization, people will start to care more. Every crypto enthusiast knows the advantages of decentralization. It is our duty to spread the world these benefits. As long as we focus more on the real impact, decentralization will gain more audience.

For a mass adoption of decentralization, people have to taste it first. They need to use decentralized applications. Email is one of decentralized applications used on a larger scale, but most of us don’t think about it. That is why, we have to show the world more of these applications.

Bitcoin is a complete decentralized application that people need to know about. As long as they find out about payment freedom, transparency, security mass adoption will occur. Let’s start today, not tomorrow.


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